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Education at SAPS


Class I & II

One of the most powerful forces that helps in the development of self confidence and perhaps the entire personality is the power of expression both written and oral.

At this stage begins the training in listening, speaking, reading and writing and mathematical skill in being able to compare size of objects. Understanding of number value is also developed. Assessment of the growth of the child is evaluated on the basis of the child's work in class.

Class III To V

The following subjects are formally introduced at this stage English, Hindi, Tamil, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, Art Education, Physical & Health Education. All subjects at this level are taught by the interactive method where the teacher moves from the known to the unknown.



At this stage learning is more formal with further diversification of subjects-Science into Biology, Physics & Chemistry; Mathematics into Algebra; Geometry & Arithmetic; Social Studies into History, Geography. A third language is also introduced at this stage which the child has to study compulsorily and qualify.



The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. Therefore the school follows the prescribed syllabus as per CBSE for classes IX & X.

Computer education is compulsory for all students of classes I to XII.